author of self-help book and programme Sleep Easy, who dreamed of a better solution for compromised sleep.

Sleep Haven New Zealand was founded by Bernice Tuffery,

As a previous sufferer, fed up with years of sleepless nights and band-aid remedies for sleep, she finally discovered the life-changing CBTi (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia) method and everything fell into place. In CBTi, Bernice found a tried and true natural approach for addressing the causes of ongoing sleep difficulties and the behavioural changes to solve them. After successfully implementing the programme, regaining her sleep and health, Bernice was determined to share this solution with all those who needed it. 


Through her self-help book Sleep Easy at the heart of this programme, Bernice and her incredible team of coaches present a practical, six-week guide to help you take charge of your sleep, life, and health. The programme is paired with sleep tracking resources and the help of a supportive, understanding sleep coach, for regular check-ins and the accountability you need to make lasting changes for your sleep. 


From self-guided course options to one-on-one, personalised sleep coaching, Sleep Haven provides you with a world of handy sleep therapy resources, and a proven method to achieve better sleep, naturally.

Bernice Tuffery

Sleep Haven Founder,
Sleep Easy author & Sleep Coach

Bernice now guides people through the proven CBTi methodology as a sleep coach.

Having overcome her own sleep difficulties using self-taught CBTi, mindfulness and self-compassion, Bernice embarked on a journey to help others experiencing sleep issues of their own. 


With Sleep Easy regarded as one of the most comprehensive self-help books for sleep by sleep professionals, Bernice now guides people through the proven CBTi methodology as a sleep coach at Sleep Haven. 


A member of the World Sleep Society, with a certificate in CBTi, Bernice brings a world of knowledge and lived experience to her role, and a passion to share it with others.  


Bernice lives in Auckland with her family, where she enjoys growing her own produce, encouraging her daughter’s love of horses, and writing on the side.