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The Sleep Easy course at the heart of Sleep Haven’s coaching has been celebrated by sleep experts and health professionals as the most comprehensive self-help book for insomnia on the market. 

Praised for its practical, no-nonsense advice, delivered by someone with lived experience, it's providing countless people with the motivation, information and tools they need to make sleep difficulties a thing of the past. 


See what sleep professionals, Sleep Easy readers, and coaching clients have to say here:

Endorsements for Sleep Easy

“One of the main strengths of Sleep Easy is that the community will have access to an accurate, heartfelt, sensible and sensitive self-help book written by someone who has a lived experience of the hell that insomnia can be. Not sleeping well for weeks, months or years on end can be extremely debilitating, and it’s often an isolating and lonely experience for the sufferer. In the absence of obvious health markers of debilitation, such as crutches, bandages or a neck brace, people with insomnia often have no markers of their struggle - in fact, people can often look quite well. Bernice’s accurate and poignant portrayal of this often silent personal suffering will resonate with readers who have shared that journey. It’s enormously valuable that this book depicts not just a clinical or academic perspective on insomnia (although it does show due respect to the evidence and research) but also a personal tale of reckoning and triumph.”

- Sleep Easy foreword by Dr Moira Junge, Health Psychologist and sleep specialist, Melbourne.

“Bernice’s book is easy to read and provides practical, evidence-based strategies for improving your sleep. Her personal experience overcoming insomnia allows her to present information about sleep in a way that everyone can identify with and relate to. Sleep Easy provides a helpful guide to moving forward in a positive way learning practical strategies to better sleep.”

– Dr David Cunnington, Director, Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre, Australia.

“Currently, this book is the most comprehensive self-help book on insomnia in the market. I would highly recommend it not just to patients, but also to primary care clinicians, nurses, and even other sleep specialists.”

- Sleep Easy Foreword by Dr Tony Fernando, Psychiatrist/Sleep & Insomnia Specialist, Auckland.

“This book has the potential to help so many people who are struggling with sleep difficulties. It’s an easy-to-read blend of personal experience and proven evidence-based strategies for people to try at home. If you struggle with sleep, give this widely and well-researched book a try.”

– Dr Bronwyn Sweeney, Clinical Psychologist and Sleep Researcher, New Zealand.

“Sleep Easy is a valuable book aimed at the growing number of people who are suffering from this tsunami of sleep difficulties. This is a well-researched and practical guide that will be helpful for individuals and health professionals who see people with insomnia every day.”

- Dr Alex Bartle, Director, Sleep Well Clinics, New Zealand.


Client Reviews

“No more sleeping pills! This book was life-changing for me. I’ve had chronic insomnia for 27 years and since buying this book, I have NOT had any sleeping pills, not even half a sleeping tablet. I’m so much more alert and active. I’d tried everything under the sun; been to medical professionals, spent a lot of time and money, and spoke daily of my insomnia. My tip is to follow the six-week method without giving up.” Booktopia Review

“This is an excellent book for those who, like me, struggle with insomnia. I found it very informative and it has helped immensely. I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from sleepless nights.”
– Lorraine

“This book is a six-week step-by-step guide to assist your compromised sleep. Through her own sleep battles, Bernice has tried all the remedies that come to mind but used her skills in research to master natural sleep skills. With extensive research, lived experience, and involving sleep professionals, we have this useful tool in our hands.”

“A look at the journey into insomnia and how to get your life back, grounded in science. Well worthwhile.” - Christina

“What a great book. Bernice writes as though she is there beside you, coaching and supporting you all the way. She gives a practical, doable set of steps to get your sleep back on track. All without judgment. And a good dose of Kiwi humour!” Yvonne, Good Reads

“The Sleep Easy programme worked for me! It changed my sleeping habits and I’m forever grateful. The level of research you conducted, your honesty in expressing how unhelpful sleeping habits affect us, and your practical steps are amazing.” - Susan

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