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Are you responsible for health and wellness or fatigue management within your business, organisation, or school? Sleep health will no doubt be high on your agenda.

Great sleep is essential for energy, focus, productivity, performance, wellbeing and safety, so it’s natural to want people in your team to prioritise sleep and know how to consistently achieve a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Haven offers sleep health workshops that are:

  • Practical and interactive - to inspire people about their sleep. 

  • Packed with evidence-based content to equip people to sleep well naturally. 

  • Engaging and informative - we bring the science to life by translating it into sustainable strategies that improve sleep confidence, efficiency, and quality.

  • Full of easy-to-apply lifestyle steps so your people can start bringing their best-slept selves to their days.

  • Delivered in a way that suits you - face-to-face or virtual, and as a stand-alone one-hour session or an ongoing series.

Sleep Haven offers sleep health workshops for teens, parents, sports teams, health and wellness organisations, businesses, and corporates.

Book a workshop on:

  • Teen Sleep

  • Women’s Sleep Health

  • Managing Sleep through Menopause

  • Men’s Sleep Health

  • Sleep for Workplace Wellbeing

  • Sleep for Executive Performance

  • Sleep amongst Elders.

You will learn:

  • Why sleep matters – be inspired by the incredible physical, cognitive, emotional, and social upsides of great sleep, making it easy to prioritise sleep.

  • What healthy sleep is – know the sleep duration, quality, and continuity our bodies actually need so our sleep expectations align with reality.

  • How sleep works – understand the basics of the two biological systems that govern sleep and learn how to use them to your advantage.

  • How to create the conditions for a great night’s sleep – discover the daytime and evening strategies to prime your body, mind, and environment for sleep.

  • What to do when sleep unravels – learn healthy ways to manage night-time wakefulness and daytime fatigue to avoid unintentionally perpetuating sleep difficulties.

  • Common sleep issues – know what to look out for, and gain confidence about next steps to self-manage and when to seek professional help.


“I wholeheartedly recommend Bernice to any organsiation seeking professional learning on sleep education. Her expertise, passion, and ability to connect with her audience make her an exceptional educator and advocate for healthy sleep habits. Bernice’s contributions have had a lasting impact on our staff, and we are deeply grateful for the transformative learning experience she provided.”

- Greg Haines, St Peter’s School.

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