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Finally had enough of living with sleep difficulties?
Ready to take charge of your journey back to healthy sleep?

“Sleep Easy works! This book is fact-based and improved my sleep within a week and I’ve already ditched the sleeping tablets. This is the best advice I’ve read for insomniacs. I’d recommend it.” - Booktopia Review

Whether you need help figuring out what’s going on with your sleep, one-to-one coaching, or the insights and knowledge to manage your own programme, we’ll help you sleep better. 


Sleep Haven self-guided course and personalised coaching is for you if:

  • You’re more than ready to take charge of your sleep issues.

  • You’re motivated to be your best-slept self.

  • You’re done with ‘sleep hacks’ and ‘tips and tricks’.

  • You want a long-term solution.

  • You welcome having your beliefs and behaviours about sleep challenged.

  • You have an open-mind and willingness to learn. 

  • You know your health, wellbeing, and quality of life will improve with better sleep.



‘Sleep Easy’ Self-Help Book – The six-week sleep improvement programme backed by science.

Who is it for?

The Sleep Easy book is for anyone wanting to improve their sleep independently with a DIY approach. Through the programme, you’ll be directed and empowered to self-guide your journey, with the tools needed to meaningfully track your progress along the way.

What’s involved:

The Sleep Easy book, written by the founder of Sleep Haven, is based on extensive research, sleep science and lived experience. Entertaining as well as educational, Sleep Easy provides a hands-on, practical programme with moral support to guide you towards the sleep you deserve.

Part One: Sleep Assessment and Preparation 

  • Sleep Review: Here you’ll use questionnaires and sleep diaries to gain deeper insight into your sleep difficulties and confirm that CBTi is right for you. If the assessment indicates your sleep experiences require further investigation or a different treatment, we guide you through your options. If this involves visiting your doctor or a specialist, we’ll make sure you’re prepared with all the sleep information you need.

  • Sleep Education: Sleep and sleep difficulties are demystified with helpful information about how sleep works. You’ll learn what healthy sleep looks like, the prevalence of sleep difficulties, the role of medication, and insights around how your mind can help to create better conditions for sleep. 


Part Two: The Six-Week Programme 

  • Week One: Sleep scheduling

    • Get the low-down on creating a sleep schedule that will support you in improving your sleep.

  • Week Two: Sleep consolidation

    • Learn the ‘less is more’ protocol to consolidate your sleep and improve sleep efficiency.

  • Week Three: Bed as a cue for sleep 

    • Adopt the counter-intuitive method so your bed is no longer associated with fretful wakefulness and frustrating nights.

  • Week Four: Thought training

    • Identify and unpack any negative thoughts about sleep that may be sabotaging yours.

  • Week Five: Lifestyle hacks

    • Learn how to use nutrition and exercise to your advantage (and if you want to, learn what you can get away with in caffeine and alcohol). 

  • Week Six: The inside job

    • Understand how your headspace and your body’s natural relaxation system can be used to support a good night’s sleep.


Part Three: Maintenance and Follow-up

  • Ongoing care: Know how to keep up your sleep progress long-term.

  • Plan ahead: Learn about potential risks for your sleep improvement, and know how you will take care of your sleep through those times.


Price: Sleep Easy book

RRP $36.99 NZD, $32.99 AUD


Sleep Assessment

A one-on-one review of your sleep experiences that will help you understand what’s going on and work out what your next steps are.

Who is it for?

Tried everything and still struggling to sleep well? Want help figuring out what's going on with your sleep? The Sleep Assessment is for you. 


We’ll discuss where you’re at, where you want to be, and work out if CBTi or sleep coaching is right for you, and if not, I’ll direct you to the support and resources you need.

What’s involved:

In this one-hour session (via Zoom or phone), we’ll gather a comprehensive review of your sleep, including:

  • Recent sleep patterns and behaviour

  • Sleep history

  • Impact on daytime functioning and your wellbeing

  • Lifestage, lifestyle, and physical health

  • Medications used – prescribed or otherwise

  • Sleep initiatives already explored

  • Sleep confidence.


You’ll receive a personalised action plan that focuses on the key factors impacting your sleep as well as coaching to support you to make sustainable changes. 

A follow up email summarising your action plan will come with a Sleep Diary to track your progress, and access to the Sleep Efficiency Calculator, allowing you to easily monitor your improvements.

If your sleep experiences are indicative of complex insomnia or a sleep disorder beyond the scope of Sleep Haven, we’ll provide direction on recommended next steps with your GP or a Sleep Specialist. 


What’s the investment? $170 AUD

Sick of sleepless nights? Get some answers with a Sleep Assessment.


Sleep Coaching

A personalised one-on-one sleep improvement programme with a supportive, practical, qualified sleep coach by your side.

Who is it for?

Eager to fast track your sleep improvements? If you’ve completed the Sleep Assessment or been referred by your GP, you’re ready to go. With a proven methodology, lived experience, and a best-selling self-help book on sleep improvement to our name, we will guide you through your programme, providing information and support along the way to help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and restored.

What’s involved:

Based on your Sleep Assessment, we’ll recommend either 4 or 6 one-hour coaching sessions to help you achieve your desired sleep goals. 

You’ll be guided through the relevant protocols of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (CBTi), build on your sleep knowledge, extend your understanding of what’s happened to your sleep and why, and most importantly - what to do about it!

Sleep deficiency knocking your confidence? Don’t worry - with powerful, do-able tools, guidance, and support, you’re 100% capable of getting your sleep back on track.

In each sleep coaching session, we'll:

  • Have a brief catch-up about where things are at with your sleep based on your Sleep Diary.

  • Check in with your progress and discuss insights you've gained by using the new approaches. 

  • Explore the next stage of sleep health education by introducing a relevant CBTi protocol or sleep improvement resource, and how you can practically apply it.

  • Talk through what to expect and how to manage the realities of changing your thought or behaviour patterns. 

  • Create a realistic action plan to progress your sleep improvement journey.


How often are the one-hour sessions? 

You set the pace! We recommend initially meeting every week and then you may prefer to meet fortnightly.

The programme is ideally completed within two months.

How much work is there for you?

Your action plan is your guide, and the work you do and the discoveries you make between sessions are crucial to your progress. 


You'll monitor your sleep improvement throughout the programme, completing a manual Sleep Diary each morning. As you implement new protocols, you'll observe and note their impact on your sleep. 

Having structure and accountability gives you a framework for real change. 


The outcome? 


Get your life back! 
  • Sleep improvements such as falling asleep more easily, sleeping longer, less fragmented sleep, and/or better quality sleep. 

  • Waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with more energy and motivation during the day. 

  • Improved focus, concentration, and memory as brain fog lifts. 

  • Lighter, brighter, and more even moods. 

  • Happier and healthier!


Gain confidence knowing how to:
  • Work with your biology to support sleep at night.

  • Create the psychological conditions for a restful sleep.

  • Make an environment that supports your sleep.

  • Be prepared for potential sleep disruptors.

  • Say goodnight to insomnia! 

You just need to:
  • Show up and keep showing up. 

  • Be willing to unlearn habits and behaviours that are not serving you.

  • Have an open mind and be inspired by new insights. 

  • Explore new approaches and road-test them. 

  • Above all; do the work even when it’s challenging, because that’s how you’ll make real progress.


It’s time isn’t it? 

Improve your sleep with the support of a qualified sleep coach - book a session today.


What’s the investment?

$650 AUD (4 sessions)

$975 AUD (6 sessions)

Self Care
sleep assessment
Sleep Coaching

Unsure if you’re ready?

Do you find yourself feeling:

  • Like you’re living in ‘survival mode’ 

  • Tired and wired, living in a state of overdrive to get through your ‘To Do’ list.

  • Like you’re struggling through a haze of impaired focus, concentration, and memory.

  • Your productivity and performance are compromised or at risk.

  • Highly reactive, irritable, moody.

  • That your sleeplessness is taking a toll on your close relationships.

  • Like you’re comfort eating a lot and your exercise habits have fallen away.

  • That you’re relying on things that aren’t healthy in the long run – sedatives and stimulants.

  • You haven’t made meaningful headway with your sleep, despite your best efforts.

  • You’ve been suffering in silence and feel alone in your sleep difficulties.

  • Frustrated by sleep ‘tips and tricks’ that don’t get to the heart of what’s going on.

  • Worried there’ll be long-term consequences to your physical health or mental wellbeing.

Yes? You’re ready.

Change your sleep habits for life with Sleep Coaching. Get started today.

Fed up with running on empty?

Poor sleep has taken its toll on your motivation, productivity, food choices, inclination to exercise, your appearance, mood, and energy. You know life would be way better if you could consistently get a decent night’s sleep.   


I can help with that.

Sleep problems don’t tend to go away by themselves. 

Get the help you need with Sleep Haven’s self-guided course and personalised coaching

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