Everyone is at different stages of their sleep journey. 


Whether you require one-to-one coaching, or simply the insights and knowledge to manage your own programme, there’s an option for everyone.


From self-guided courses to our personalised coaching, browse the options below to see which is right for you. 



‘Sleep Easy’ Self-Help Book – The six-week sleep improvement programme backed by science.

Who is it for?

The Sleep Easy book is for anyone wanting to improve their sleep independently with a DIY approach. Through the programme, you’ll be directed and empowered to self-guide your journey, with the tools needed to meaningfully track your progress along the way.

What’s involved:

The Sleep Easy book, written by the founder of Sleep Haven, is based on extensive research, sleep science and lived experience. Entertaining as well as educational, Sleep Easy provides a hands-on, practical programme with moral support to guide you towards the sleep you deserve.

Part One: Sleep Assessment and Preparation 

  • Sleep Review: Here you’ll use questionnaires and sleep diaries to gain deeper insight into your sleep difficulties and confirm that CBTi is right for you. If the assessment indicates your sleep experiences require further investigation or a different treatment, we guide you through your options. If this involves visiting your doctor or a specialist, we’ll make sure you’re prepared with all the sleep information you need.

  • Sleep Education: Sleep and sleep difficulties are demystified with helpful information about how sleep works. You’ll learn what healthy sleep looks like, the prevalence of sleep difficulties, the role of medication, and insights around how your mind can help to create better conditions for sleep. 


Part Two: The Six-Week Programme 

  • Week One: Sleep scheduling

    • Get the low-down on creating a sleep schedule that will support you in improving your sleep.

  • Week Two: Sleep consolidation

    • Learn the ‘less is more’ protocol to consolidate your sleep and improve sleep efficiency.

  • Week Three: Bed as a cue for sleep 

    • Adopt the counter-intuitive method so your bed is no longer associated with fretful wakefulness and frustrating nights.

  • Week Four: Thought training

    • Identify and unpack any negative thoughts about sleep that may be sabotaging yours.

  • Week Five: Lifestyle hacks

    • Learn how to use nutrition and exercise to your advantage (and if you want to, learn what you can get away with in caffeine and alcohol). 

  • Week Six: The inside job

    • Understand how your headspace and your body’s natural relaxation system can be used to support a good night’s sleep.


Part Three: Maintenance and Follow-up

  • Ongoing care: Know how to keep up your sleep progress long-term.

  • Plan ahead: Learn about potential risks for your sleep improvement, and know how you will take care of your sleep through those times.


Price: Sleep Easy book

RRP $36.99 NZD, $32.99 AUD


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Supported Self-Care

Sleep Coaching to support the ‘Sleep Easy’ book and programme (Coming soon)

Who is it for?

Our Supported Self-Care option provides all the benefits of our Self-Care programme, but with the help of one of our Sleep Coaches. This option is perfect for anyone who requires extra accountability or guidance, from the support of a trusted professional. 


NOTE: This option is only available to people who have purchased the book and completed Part 1 of Sleep Easy, Sleep Assessment and Preparation, and are confident CBTi is a good option for them. Sleep Easy Book

What’s involved:

You’ll self-guide your way through the Sleep Easy self-help book as it maps out the six-week sleep improvement programme backed by science. Along the way, you’ll make important changes to your thoughts and habits around sleep for lasting results. 


Throughout the programme you’ll have access to 30-minute phone or Zoom check-ins with your sleep coach to share your progress, answer questions, and address any challenges you may be having. This can be the extra push and motivation you need to get the most from the course. 





Complete Sleep Coaching

Fully customised one-on-one sleep improvement programme (Coming soon)

Who is it for?

The Complete Sleep Coaching option is perfect for those who want to fast-track their results. Through a tailored, one-on-one approach, you’ll be guided through your own programme by a Sleep Haven coach and provided with personalised support throughout your journey.

What’s involved:
Initial Consultation Session


A sleep coach will work with you via Zoom or phone to gather a comprehensive review of your sleep including:


  • Recent sleep patterns and behaviour

  • Sleep history

  • Impact on daytime functioning and your well-being

  • Lifestage, lifestyle and physical health

  • Medications used - prescribed and otherwise

  • Sleep initiatives already explored

  • Sleep confidence.


In the one-hour session, we will develop a good understanding of your sleep challenges, highlighting whether CBTi is the best approach to help you achieve better sleep. 


An action plan will be developed alongside you, focussing on the key factors impacting your sleep. In the session, you’ll be provided with coaching to support you in implementing the adjustments. 


The session will be followed up with an email summarising the plan, where you’ll be provided with a Sleep Diary to track your progress and access to the Sleep Efficiency calculator on the website to monitor improvements.


Follow-up sessions


The initial consultation will be followed by progress reviews and programme updates with your sleep coach. In these sessions, you’ll review the changes you’ve made, and the impact they’ve had on your sleep and daytime function. We can talk through any challenges you’re experiencing and any questions you have. Based on your progress, you’ll be introduced to the next most relevant component of CBTi to accelerate your sleep improvement journey. 


  • Each week you will be encouraged to complete your Sleep Diary to track your progress and action the prescribed sleep improvement guidelines as best you can.

  • These 45-minute sessions will be conducted via Zoom or phone, followed up with a personalised email summarising a guide for the week ahead.