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The key to the sleep improvement is becoming conscious of the habits and behaviours that surround your sleep, so you can take charge of them.

By using the Sleep Diary and Sleep Efficiency Calculator, you can monitor and review your sleep progress, making gradual improvements each day.


Check out the useful resources below and explore our blog where we shed light on the mysteries of sleep difficulties and how to create healthier sleep.

Sleep Diary Pages

The sleep diary is at the heart of the Sleep improvement, essential for manually tracking your progress and understanding key behaviours and habits around your sleep. 


By reflecting on, and monitoring these each day through Sleep Haven’s simple framework, you’ll become more mindful of your lifestyle, developing the ability to fine-tune your sleep habits and behaviours for the results you want.

Sleep Diary

Sleep Efficiency Calculator

Sleep Efficiency is one of the most important measures of sleep.

Where most people think about sleep in terms of duration (how long they have slept), Sleep Efficiency tells you the proportion of time you spent in bed that you were actually asleep. This simple percentage is valuable for planning next steps.


To get an estimate of your Sleep Efficiency, just fill in the following details:

What does my Sleep Efficiency mean?

95% or more - Very high.

You’re sleeping super efficiently, being asleep nearly all the time you’re in bed.

If this is happening a lot, check that you’re getting enough sleep and are feeling refreshed in the morning. Very high Sleep Efficiency can mean that you need more sleep. Explore going to bed 30 minutes earlier.

85% - 95% - High.

This is a great result, you’re sleeping really efficiently.
  • Now, check you’re getting enough sleep and are waking feeling refreshed in the morning. If you feel like you need more sleep, or to achieve this level of sleep efficiency more often, follow Sleep Haven’s sleep programme to improve your sleep.  

70 – 84% - Room for improvement. 

Your sleep is a work in progress.

Ideally, you’d be asleep for more of the time that you’re in bed. If your Sleep Efficiency scores are often like this, and you’re feeling tired during the day, use Sleep Haven’s programme to help you improve your sleep.

Less than 70% - Lots of opportunity for sleep improvement.

You’re spending more time awake in bed than is recommended.

You may be finding it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, or both. You may also be struggling with waking too early in the morning. This is difficult to live with and isn’t sustainable long term. Use Sleep Haven’s sleep improvement programme to learn how to sleep easy.

If you’re already doing the programme, well done for updating your figures!

Log your Sleep Efficiency scores in this week’s Sleep Diary and check-in with the next steps of the Sleep Easy programme based on how your sleep is tracking so far.

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